Buy 5 to 9 bulls, deduct $500 off of your total purchase.
Buy 10 or more bulls, deduct $1,500 off
of your total purchase.

No “group buying” in order to receive discounts.

All buyers eligible to win one $500 cash prize drawn at
the conclusion of the sale. The more you buy, the more
chances you have to win! Must be present to win.

Repeat Ray-Mar customers will receive 1% off their total purchase for the number of consecutive years they have been buying as our thanks for being a loyal customer!
For example, if you started buying bulls three years ago and have purchased a bull each year, you will get 3% off your total purchase this year. If you bought a bull last year, this year you will get 1% off your total purchase.
Maximum discount is 10%.

Bulls are tested negative for for BVD.
We develop our bulls on the range east of
Stockton and only the very best sell!

Free delivery within California and adjoining states.

Ray-Mar Ranches will keep your bulls at
no charge until November 1, 2013.

Auctioneer: Rick Machado, 805 501-3210
Sale Manager: Matt Macfarlane, Matt Macfarlane Marketing, 530.633.4184
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