Why do we range-test our bulls?
We range-test our bulls during a crucial stage of development, so only the very best are available to you on sale day.
Our cows calve in the foothills in the spring time. They are then moved to the home ranch pastures where they stay until weaning. At weaning time we collect all weaning performance data at which time we make our first cut of calves based on performance, soundness and phenotype (approximately 30% - 40% of the calf crop) to remove from the herd and sell as feeders. We then put the remaining calves in the feedlot for a short time until all yearling performance data is taken at which time we make another cut based on performance, soundness and phenotype (approximately 10%).

The remaining bulls then return to the hills for their most crucial
test, the Ray-Mar Ranches Range Test. Here they will mature
learning how to forage while developing muscle structure and soundness in rough range conditions. Three months before the bull sale they return home and are evaluated on their soundness and body condition. If they don’t meet our criteria they are removed from the herd and do not make the sale (approximately 10% - 20%). This test assures you the buyer that Ray-Mar Bulls are athletic and ready to go to work in the toughest of conditions while holding together for your entire breeding season.

As one of the West’s largest seedstock producers, we not only have the opportunity to offer you bulls that have passed our strict standards for structural soundness, but also possess some of the most Diversified Quality Genetics the industry has to offer. This coupled with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 90 days means you can buy with confidence here at Ray-Mar Ranches. We stand behind everything we sell!

These bulls are pictured on the range during the last week of range-testing.
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